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Questions to formulate when choosing the supplier of lodging of WordPress

August 28, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Does the company offer a plan of specific lodging for WordPress?
This is one of the basic questions that are due to do before continuing with any other consultation, since it is necessary to be familiarized with WordPress when lodging a site of WordPress.

In addition, if a lodging supplier has a plan of WordPress, then it asks in what difference of his other services, since in many cases one sees that the services only fulfill the minimum requirements to lodge a website of WordPress.

Does Its supplier of lodging Web fulfill the lodging requirements?
The suppliers must be able to operate their website through many popular suppliers to fulfill the lodging requirements, but always it must make sure before making any decision and to spend money.

His host must admit:

PHP 5.6 version or superior
MySQL 5.6 version or superior Or MariaDB version 10.0 or superior

Does the lodging supplier preselected Web have experts in its equipment?
The experience speaks better than the words, since the experience and turned members of the equipment can anticipate common errors and, often, provide direction for diverse surroundings, speed and time of activity.

They can be fast to solve problems informed in a smaller term.

Which is version PHP used by the suppliers?
PHP is a language used for the development Web in the side of the servant and it is used to execute a Web server. Ideally, the lodging supplier Web would have to use PHP 7, since it offers high productivity on PHP 5,6, and also assures that its plan of lodging will be compatible with future versions of WordPress.

It is a supplier known in his field?
To choose a well-known supplier has its benefits. If the people have used their services, definitively they have demonstrated that they also offer excellent services to him.

It looks for the reviews and the testimonies of the suppliers of lodging of the other users to know how other companies have felt on their services of lodging. This surely can be helpful.

What type of score of time of activity and trustworthiness of the servant offers the supplier?
It is important that a lodging supplier Web also operates in a stable network and in a powerful servant. To have host operative Web 24 * 7 is essential. The score of recommended time of activity is of 99.5%, and the time of activity below 99% is unacceptable.

Web are many forms to obtain data of time of activity of host. Many tools exist to monitor and to track the supplier of lodging of their website. Let the questions to know them more.

Offer the supplier to Him do a backup copy and restoration with a click?
It can have a situation in which it wishes to revert the data of his website to do a backup copy of the day or previous week for many reasons.

Therefore, for this, it is important to have a backup copy readily accessible that it allows an efficient way to recover any data.

Which is its policy of security?
It knows the safety measures that takes the supplier from lodging to protect the data of its website. It must know how the analyses of malware are realised/virus.

The lodging supplier that chooses must count on the suitable processes of security (certificates SSL, etc.) to protect any confidential information in its site of WordPress.

They offer SSL?
SSL means Secure Sockets Layer to maintain a safe connection to Internet and to avoid that any confidential information is broken. If it has a website that stores information of the user, then SSL is essential. Make sure that they offer all the needs of security according to his requirements.

So receptive What are their equipment of technical support and service to the client?
The technical support must be available the 24 hours, the 7 days of the week, including the holidays. Quick attention to the rapidity with which listening of them, what so the courtesy when dealing with the users and how much information offers to solve a problem.

It is important to know how it responds the supplier to his consultations, since this indicates the level on watch to the client who can hope of them. It must deepen in the website, review the revisions and be put in touch with his service to the client also.

Several suppliers of lodging of websites are known by their excellent service the client, whereas others leave something to wish.

Which is its budget to take advantage of the services of the suppliers?
It must decide the amount of money that can spend every month or year in a supplier of lodging. To determine the needs of its business is most important so that it can eliminate an amount of budget.

It remembers, it does not depend on cheaper or expensive options; The perfect services speak of their value.

 How many do clients have in each servant?
If he is deciding on a solution of shared lodging, then it is obvious that also he shares the space of the servant with other websites. Therefore, the total number of websites will have an effect in the speed of the website.

It is important to ask to him his supplier of lodging on the exact number of clients in the servant.

What happens if I am not satisfied?
In order to know the service, also it must ask on the supply of the period of test or any guarantee if we selected them for our website.

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