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To improve the SEO of your blog

January 12, 2019, Written by 0 comment


I know that all we want to be original at the time of writing our articles in the blog, nevertheless we must leave to the originality the content and not to happen to us with her in the titles.

Because it is that if you go of original in the title of your article is possible that the post does not arrive at many people through the finders.

Titles without many searches not will be optimal for Google and if you want that visits arrive to you, by the title will not arrive at least and for Google this it is a very important factor at the time of looking for information in the network.

What you must consider at the time of writing a title is to know exactly what problem you are going to solve with your post, with what you are going to help your readers.

The advice who would give you to make an optimized title would be:

  • Not more than 70 characters
  • If the article responds a question, it includes in the title
  • He includes the keyword in the title of your post


If you use WordPress or Blogger, the program lies down to choose, automatically by you, the URL according to the title that you have written.

Eye with leaving the URL that not always marks by defect is very right the election.

It at all costs avoids the strange characters as e±es, accents or question marks.

It takes advantage of the URL to include the keyword of your article and finally, but less important, it does not deal with which it is the shortest and clear possible URL and that she is separated by average script (-) not by the bar (/).

Internal liaisons and external

It is normal to see articles published in blogs without connections and is a pain because they are allowing that its content does not arrive at more people and to offer the possibility to the reader of knowing other sources.

When we placed connections we are giving useful information him to our visitors, or so that they arrive at other articles of our blog or other also excellent pages.

This is something that really to Google it likes much, because if many people give click from your blog to other connections means that you are excellent and reliable in the Web.

The last advice would be that you do not abuse the internal liaisons or external, is necessary to arrive at a balance, many are detrimental and with few you happen unnoticed.

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