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Questions to determine if it has surpassed his lodging Web

January 12, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Which are the times of load of their website?
The speed of load is the speed at which your website is loaded. There is a series of sites where you can measure your PageSpeed. The speed of load is important for several reasons. Mainly, because the websites of faster load offer one better experience of user than the slow ones. Briefly, people hate to hope to that a page was loaded.

But they are not only usuary desktop. We have reached the flexion point in which movable navigation has surpassed to the one of the portable equipment and: 51 percent in comparison with the 42 percent in the EE. UU.

Google understands this, and is why it declares specifically that the speed of the site is one of the variables that measure as part of their general algorithm search. It will not tell us what as much represents the speed of load of a classification factor, but often does not clarify his algorithm, reason why, when it does, it is worth the pain to take note.

Now, without entering too many details on the speed of load, there are dozens of involved factors, many of them related to the design. These are the adjustments that a developer experienced and generally expensive Web needs to do to the code of its website.

The basic line? To accelerate its website can be expensive and has been time. But an area where it can obtain quick results is the type of lodging Web who chooses. When updating to a solid-state drive lodging (SSD) or changing to a virtual private servant (VPS), it can dramatically improve his speed of load to a fraction of the cost of the revision of the code of his site.

It has noisy neighbors?
To anybody it likes the noisy neighbors. They are antisocial, noisy and they lie down to lower the tone of the neighbourhood.

The same happens in the lodging Web. The thing is that if his host offers as much space in disc and bandwidth as it is necessary by only a pair of dollars to the month, it guesses what? You are not only in that servant.

This it is a real problem. His host is not going to publish it, but always there will be people in that type of supply who will continue pushing on more than they can. They will be those that will try to eliminate until the last ounce of power of processing of their lodging of $ 2 per month. Perhaps they are using the servant to send e-mails to his list or perhaps they are executing dozens of scripts of ram memory for his multiple sites affiliates.

What is that they are doing, a thing is safe. A small minority of noisy neighbors will monopolize the resources nails of the servant and, often, it will have a negative impact in the yield of the servant.

Clearly, CloudLinux has tools as, that acts as a limitor in the power to which the individual clients can accede, but must know that his host has these types of mitigadores in its place.

Which is the IP reputation?
If one detects that the servant in whom he is lodged sends mail nonwished or malware, then it is probable that direction IP is included in the black list. Those are the bad news for you because they can affect a variety of factors, from the capacity of delivery of the e-mail to their classification search.

There are several programs that can use to monitor the reputation of IP of their servant so that it can see if it is in the black list.

One of the main reasons to be including in the black list is that other clients in the same servant in whom it can be executing uncertain applications or out of date software. This not necessarily takes control of malicious intentions of its part. Generally it is only a negligence or a lack of understanding.

We take an example. The hackers are not going to publish their modus operandi, but they generally only look for insecurities that can explode. The classic example is a form of out of date contact, that can be operated to send Spam.

Another example is the management system of content (CMS) obsolete, as WordPress or Joomla. These are more and more popular in these days, and the problem is that once finalizes the phase of design, off guard the proprietor of the business does not realize of which needs to maintain its updated software. These updates are for a reason, and the main reason is to connect any problem of security.

A form to approach this of proactive form on the part of host is to constantly monitor software in a servant and to monitor the salient e-mails, using a tool as SpamExperts, to monitor the well-known digital tracks of e-mails nonwished, phishing and malware.

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