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WordPress 5.2

May 1, 2019, Written by 0 comment

WordPress 5,2, Jaco in honor to another famous bear of the jazz, Jaco Pastorius finishes leaving and he is already available to update.

At first it is possible to be updated, but, as it is not an update of security, we can wait for some days, because they will leave several updates plugins and themes and the 5.2.1 already are in preparation because there are several things that were wanted to add in this version but to fulfill the calendar they have decided to include them in the following one.

If we updated, first backup copy, if you can to do clone or staging good, if metheglins with us already you know to you that both things you can do them with our Softaculous System, to even update from the own Softaculous doing previous automatic copy before the update (everything in a click) without the necessity to enter the administration of your WordPress, to your pleasure.

This update concentrates in several tools already contributed in the previous version and the solution of some failures.

It emphasizes the verification of health of the site, that appears in the menu of tools, if we accede we will have an analysis of the state of health of our site, version of php, been of update of your plugins, themes, been of the servant etc and some advice to improve.

If everything goes well we will obtain a screen as this

State of health of WordPress

If it appears some report, normally it is easy to solve, a change of php, to update plugins, themes, to eliminate plugins and themes not in use, etc

For example to change php superior in Host-Fusion you can do it in a click and if you need to activate some extension, in the same way through our Control Panels you can activate them in a click, everything very simple.

Taken care of with it breaks it, we have detected that sometimes it breaks it can be reflecting an erroneous data and to give as false positive, but cleaning it breaks it solves it.

As it commented in post previous, the protection of php that left now in the previous version and has worked more in this version, is one of the improvements more waited for by many, WordPress warns to you if something when updating itself is broken, shows a message to you in screen and it allows you to accede to the administration, something that before was impossible and that in the previous version it did not get to work absolutely, now it seems that if and it will be but easy to solve the possible incidences.

You always can use backup, if, but it is not the solution, I am but to learn to solve something before to throw of backup, because that is to take an one step back and not to solve it and returns to happen, but this it is my personal opinion:).

WordPress 5,2 now will verify the version of your php with the minimum version of plugins, in case they are not compatible will not let to you install it to avoid estropicios.

The minimum version that admits WordPress 5,2 is php 5.6.20, but also he is simple to solve if you need to raise of php.

As always improvements in Core, accessibility, privacy and other more technical particularitities, but at first these are the new features.

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