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How Cloud Hosting Works

June 10, 2019, Written by 0 comment

What is €˜Cloud Hosting€™?
In the lodging traditional Web, a website is compatible with a single servant. In €˜Cloud hosting€™, on the other hand, hundreds of servers who work together form one only. This group of servers denominates €œCloud€. This configuration causes that the lodging in the cloud is more flexible than the lodging in any other model of lodging.

How the lodging in the cloud works/the advantages of the lodging in the cloud €“
If there is an interruption in a servant, another one becomes position, which guarantees a time of inactivity zero
Therefore, this also guarantees that a configuration of lodging in the cloud has an almost limitless capacity to handle tips of traffic of any magnitude.
The clients who visit their website will not have problems and you will not see any fall in the visits/conversions of his website, which also will contribute to the maintenance of a healthful web search engine.
Payments only by the resources that you consume.

You can climb in the demand
, The processing capacity is practically limitless, since it can add a new servant and always be extended; it provides a great flexibility and scalability, which facilitates the update or degradation of its surroundings of lodging and adapts to periods of major or minor traffic.
All this causes that the lodging in the cloud is a powerful solution for sites and great applications of Internet and high traffic that require the high level of yield.

It is possible that it has already guessed that to administer a solution of lodging in the cloud is not a simple process. It requires the abilities of an administrator of Linux servers or a professional of YOU with experience, reason why it is not a good solution for the majority of the small businesses or those that do it by their account. Before deciding on the lodging in the cloud, make sure to in line compare his advantages and disadvantages with his commercial needs, budget and objectives.

Although there are several suppliers that offer lodging through servers in the cloud, few offer a unique solution of Hosting in the Cloud for professionals of the Web with a limited budget. In ResellerClub, our solution of lodging in the cloud combines many of the benefits of the lodging in the cloud with the simplicity of the shared lodging.

With our supply of Cloud Hosting, the professionals of the Web receive:

  1. The capacity to update its resources with a single click when it needs it
    With ram memory and actualizable CPU along with a gratuitous Control Panel of cPanel
  2. Hosting totally managed
    Our experts in lodging in the cloud will handle to any update of hardware and operating system, corrections of security, etc.
  3. A powerful cache with varnish
    Varnish Cache is a powerful application Web that will accelerate your websites in a 1000%.
  4. Storage of Ceph
    Ceph Storage provides redundancy 3N that guarantees that no point of unique fault can affect its data in the cloud.
  5. Fast installation
    A easy installer of 1 click of Softaculous for more than 400 applications, including WordPress, WHMCS, OpenCart, Magenta, etc.
  6. Return of money of 30 days
    A guaranteed reimbursement if you are not satisfied
  7. Support 24—7.
    It has throughout supported the day along with a dedicated administrator of account.

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