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How to choose a subject of WordPress

July 5, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Which is the intention of my site?

There are not two equal subjects of WordPress. In addition, the majority of the subjects is created considering types of very specific websites. Therefore, it must have an idea of the objectives that is trying to obtain with its site.

Why it is the site?

To be honest with same you, you will have to know clearly what you are trying to do with the website. It is a blog or a site of the community or a collection of the news? You cannot choose the correct subject if you do not know how you want that the things are seen. You need a static cover? You need to soon show to an outstanding publication and a sliding control? Really you need that speedboat? Who is my hearing?
To know what type of site wants to also construct help to determine to him who will be its hearing. The more he knows on his hearing, the more easy will be to design a website that draws its attention

The identification of its public includes the investigation to find out which are their interests, what types of designs can attract them, what characteristic will hope more of their website and. In this stage, he is intelligent to reunite a complete profile of the objective market. What functions need my site?

Each website requires a different functionality. For a blog, you will need a form so that the visitors find publications, comment your publications, find related content and accede to your channels of social networks. With a store in line, it will have to be able to show to descriptions of products and photos, to leave clients leave its commentaries, etc them

With WordPress, it will trust the accessories to implement some of those functions. Nevertheless, to choose a subject that includes the functions that need immediate form can suppose an important saving of time.

Generally, first that it will notice on a subject it is how one sees and if it fits with its idea than it wants for its website. In the majority of the cases, you will have to realise some changes in any subject that you choose so that it is seen well.


Nevertheless, to choose a subject that is nearest possible their vision will cause that their work is much more easy. Also it will want a style that is thematically appropriate for their site and that can attract its objective public.

So fast What must load my site?

If there is something usuary hate them, it is a slow website. There are many factors that can affect the speed of their site, but the subject that chooses plays an important role. Some subjects better are optimized than others, reason why they lie down to being faster in all the scopes.

It can be difficult to calculate the level of optimization of a subject without having to prove it. Generally, the best thing is to review the opinions of the users and to see if it can find commentaries on the times of load. This will give an idea him of what hoping.

Which is my budget?

When one is subjects of WordPress, one of the most important decisions that it must take is to choose a gratuitous or premium option. The subjects premium lie down to include much more functionality to justify their labels of price.

Nevertheless, it considers that the subjects premium not always are better. For the majority of the types of websites, it will find that there are fantastic gratuitous options that offer everything what needs to begin.

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