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To create a blog or page today

July 12, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Although we created that to create a blog or a webpage it is only to put to WordPress and to begin to form and to enter contents, the truth is that to construct work requires it much more. All that we have created a website at some time there are lost the time looking for applications, colors, putting it €œbeautiful€ or uglier still trying to install whatever to him plugin or application we see that it can fit and so we create to need, when what we really had to be doing it is focusing us in other strategies that really help to construct value content and our website is a tool of sales and information.

In order to create a blog or a webpage it is needed much more that the technician, is needed to have a clear idea on why and why we needed it.


  • The first reason is the visibility that the webpage contributes to your business, allows you to be available the 24 hours of the day for your target.
  • When somebody listening about a business, first that does is search it in Internet.
  • If you are not present in Internet, probably you will lose a potential client

It generates image and amplitude of market

  • To count on a good webpage designed with attractive images and contents will generate a good image of your company.
  • It does not matter if your business is great or small, if accounts with a good product and a good webpage, your product will be known until in the most recondite places of the planet.

It increases the sales and it fideliza to the clients

  • A webpage increases the income of the company thanks to its great reach to the public, which will attract more interested clients.
  • It fideliza to the already existing clients, being your company the first option for them.
  • You will be able to know which are the restlessness, perceptions and expectations of the clients, for the company.
  • Better knowledge of the impact of the message that you transmit of your company.

Competitive advantage

  • To own a good webpage, increases your competitive advantage in relation to your competitors.
  • Your clients will be abreast of your news, products, benefits, etc. 

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