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Security Councils for a new user of VPS

July 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

A VPS also opens a world to us of possibilities€¦ and of dangers. The security threats are present in any platform and also affect the deprived virtual servers. If you are not customary to fight with the security of a servant by your account, here we give 5 Security Councils you for a new user of VPS.

1) It protects the homes of session. This means that you must use strong passwords, limit the SSH access concerning user (and also of IP as far as possible) and deshabilitar login direct via root (you will need a user able to make su/sudo).

2) It adds to layers protection. This means that you will need fire-guards, a system that detect brute force attacks and any form of protection that can imagine to you for your VPS.

3) Your servant monitors. Not to need to check your VPS constantly, but always is a good idea to count on a monitoring software so that it warns to us in case there are problems.

4) It realises endorsements. It remembers to endorse your configurations and archives with frequencies in case the worse thing happens. It remembers to prove your endorsements to assure to you that they work as they would have.

5) It looks for vulnerabilities. You can begin with a finder of rootkits and soon to continue realising other tests. It tries search all the possible vulnerabilities.

As extra advice, it remembers in addition to always maintain the software of your servant and your sites to the day. The responsibility on a VPS can be returned very great, so it investigates much on the systems management and the software that you use.

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