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Plugins of security for WordPress

August 1, 2019, Written by 0 comment

- WP Login Security 2: a confirmation sends a mail to the user asking in case session has begun from a nonwell-known IP by the system.

- BBQ: this tool is able to block requests malicious of the eval type and base64 for example, preventing who our site is damaged.

- WordPress Cases out Monitor Extra: this tool monitors the archives of the system of WordPress and it warns in case of detecting any change to us.

- Wordfence: in addition to monitoring archives of the blog, also one is in charge to verify that the facilities of plugins and subjects are officials.

- Login Security Solution: it allows to register the used IPs that has access, as well as data to accede to the panel of WordPress, in addition it forces to us to use strong passwords and it owns a function of exhausted time of delay. If an account is harmed warns immediately to the administrator via email.

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