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cPanel: the Control Panel of hosting leader in the industry

August 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

A Control Panel is in charge to abstract all that complexity and to simplify it in an only graphical interface easy to understand giving fast access and simple to all the services associated to a servant of hosting

The case of cPanel is made up of two parts on the one hand by own cPanel that is in charge to manage in particular all regarding a domain and on the other side provides WHM to us.

WHM is a one tool that is in charge to manage aspects that are by outside the domain, a level but above and allows from a same account to handle several domains simultaneously.

For that reason WHM is ideal to manage accounts for resale of hosting because it allows to divide the resources of hosting between several domains, being able to each to assign independent resources as it can be disc space, monthly transference, amount of e-mail accounts among others things.

Characteristics of cPanel

Handling of Archives

All the archives of an account are grouped within a same folder of user, to these archives it is possible to be acceded via FTP or by means of the File manager Web that includes cPanel, a tool quite practical to manipulate the archives, with we can create archives and folders, compress and decompress, to raise and to unload the archives from and towards our PC as well as publishing direct files from the servant by means of a text editor Web.

Within the user folder we will find almost all the related files to our site, this includes the archives of the own website, the e-mails, archives logs Web and configuration of the account and the site reason why we must have well-taken care of that archives to manipulate within the account, the data base is by outside these archives since they are part of the basic servant of MySQL data and this handles it within its own directory reason why direct access to the archives is not had.

Other archives exist logs of the system are centralized and they also are by outside our folder as it can be logs of mail although cPanel offers to a way simple a graphical interface us of way to see the statistics and to give pursuit to the post office.

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