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Security Councils for your hosting

August 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

€“ the FTP assures. Sooner or later it is necessary to raise or to lower data from the servant, for which a connection FTP is used. The problem is that FTP is not a transference method completely surely, thus most recommendable, in addition to using good passwords, is to make use of SFTP or FTPS encriptar your data of entrance. This method requires that you enter in addition with an account to SSH (shell), but ten in account that all the suppliers do not have the same available ones for any plan of hosting.

€“ SSL. This is something indispensable for the stores of e-commerce at the time of assuring the transactions and also it is good for using it anywhere whose data very need to be protected. Since we have already commented previously, certificates SSL are in charge encriptar our data of entrance, so that if a hacker robs them while we are entering the same will be codified.

€“ Endorsements. To do endorsements (or backups) is a gold rule. You must make them frequently and as far as possible assure to you that indeed they work. The endorsements are the only form to maintain your truly safe data.

€“ Maintenances and updates. If you have your own servant, it remembers to update his software frequently. In the case of using CMS of style Joomla and WordPress also you must update them when it leaves a new version. In case you have accesses to the registries (logs) of the system, you would have to review it with regularity. Tools of monitoring and security can also be to you useful.

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