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When I need a Certificate SSL?

August 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

A certificate SSL is a certificate protocol that allows to realise safe transactions through Internet. Using a complex cryptography, certificate SSL is able to offer as much authentication as privacy of our information. By the usual thing, the only thing that authentic is the servant, not the user. Now it is the moment from which the great question arises:

When I need Certificates SSL?

Given the information robberies that become through Internet, in many occasions data of electronic transactions they have been it jeopardize. To count on a certificate SSL for any site that realises transactions of money is something basic nowadays. The certificate is in charge to codify and to decode the information so that a possible hacker cannot decipher it if it takes control of her during the transaction.

We will need a certificate SSL if we want to mount a site of e-commerce or any Web that handles electronic transactions since we have already shelp. This is realised thus to avoid the robbery of important data as names, email addresses and numbers of credit cards, among others.

If a site that uses transactions does not have a valid certificate SSL, that could cause that the clients distrust and choose not to realise the purchase.

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