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Types of servers

August 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

What types of servers exist? Which are their differences? We are going to try to explain all this.

Web server

When we thought about servers the most common type is the Web server because he is the one who we used more and is the Internet base, when we read the news, we see videos in youtube or films in Netflix we are using Web servers.

At the end of the Eighties when engineer and investigating Timothy Berners-Lee of the CERN created HTML (HyperText Markup Language) a markup language that allowed to structure documents to also distribute them through the network had to design a service that allowed to do it, thus was as the first Web server were born.

The first servant was called httpd (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon) that at first only allowed to distribute to static content of HTML and images, did not allow to interact with the pages

But of one decade later they began to arise CGIs and soon programming languages as PHP and ASP to offer dynamic content for adding interactivity between the sites and the users giving rise to which Web 2.0 is called

With the years they were developed to many different Web servers and today we have several alternatives of Web servers to cover diverse needs, as you will be able to see between but well-known we can find Types of Web servers.

Servant of FTP

This type of servant so is not met for the great public nevertheless plays a fundamental role in the world of hosting and Web, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for transference of archives that allows to move archives between computers or servers of practical and safe form.

Although for a normal user nowadays ways simpler exist to move archives still are the main access method to Web servers that is used by designers and programmers to raise, to update and to eliminate archives from and towards a Web server.

For this reason when it is acquired a plan of hosting one of the data that is received is exactly access FTP to be able to begin to raise the site, the following function that has servers FTP at the moment is the one of being able to synchronize remote endorsements.

Basic servant of Data

All application by smaller than is uses data storage and the usual thing is that they do it of form structured in a data base that guarantees the order, integrity, availability and the durability of the data throughout the time.

The data base exists for a long time, at first they were simple listings and text files with separators and the applications accede directly on the archives which was not very safe nor practitioner mainly when many users tried to accede at the same time.

Thus the basic managers arose from data, are services that control the access to the data, the security and the integrity of the same.

They control that the data correctly are written, if they are structured data base they control that the data are standardized and satisfy certain requirements unlike them data base nonstructured as for example the known ones as NoSQL.

The main function that has them data base is to be able to store to information and power to recover it quickly when it is needed.

The speed is a crucial point and the main thing that can only be recovered what it is needed omitting the rest, that is to say that allows to filter the information of fast form and practices that is one of the reasons by which it is decided on data base instead of files.

Just as in the Web servers in the case of them data base we have several options.

In the world of hosting Web the basic motor of data more used is MySQLmientras than Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle competes in the enterprise world. Diverse classifications exist and alternatives, to deepen on this concept we recommended to you to read: Types of basic Servers of data SQL

Servant of Application

Servers of application to technologies as Jboss usually consider themselves or Tomcat de Apache, nevertheless can also be included in this list to the programming languages that run in the servant.

It is normal then to read or to listen to speak of Servant PHP, servant ASP or Java Servant.

Servant of Mail

The perception is had that the e-mail has fallen in disuse and is lost in front of social networks and applications of mail, is certain that when we are wanted to communicate with somebody the mail no longer is ours first option.

Nevertheless one does not consider that each user who uses some service online must have an e-mail to be able to register itself for that reason in the world are more accounts of e-mail than ever.

There are estimations that say that 160 Million post office per minute in the world are sent, is certain that of that it is Spam much, calculates that a 70% or more, nevertheless what it even exceeds is mail much and to handle systems are needed it mail that allow to send and to receive post office.

In order to send and to receive mail two types different servers are used, first he is the servant smtp who is used to send mail, this is used by the clients to only send and the servers use it so much to send and to receive mail to each other.

When a client sends a mail this communicates with servant smtp of its post-office box and this service communicates with the smtp of the square of destiny.

Soon to unload the mail the clients connect themselves to services POP3 or IMAP according to their preference.

Servant DNS

The Name service of Domain is a service of which little is spoken but that all we used without giving account us and without the Internet it would not be what is.

In Internet the servers of identify by a direction IP, is a numerical direction similar to which would be I number telephone, so that we do not have to remember cold numbers exists a system that allows to assign to an IP a friendlier name us to remember.

When in the navigator we placed our operating system first must look for where is the servant and for it he needs the IP, we can say that the System of Names of Domain is not another thing phonebook who allows through a name to find the IP us

Servers of Date and Hour

Another type of very important servers in the network is those of Date and Hour that allows that the computers synchronize the hour, is a task that can seem insignificant but from the point of view of the computation he is vital.

Not only financial organizations need to always have updated the hour, family devices even stop operating with normality when an incorrect date is had. It is so important that the devices update the date and hour with regularity of automatic form.

If the hour of the telephone is incorrect and we used Google Authenticator or another similar application, this application will give incorrect codes to carry out login, since the codes will be valid only for the hour of the device not real it, a difference of only 30 seconds could leave us outside of any service.

Something more basic as to see a Web one would be affected, if a computer or a telephone is DES-synchronous will have problems to validate certificates SSL of the websites and the applications.

If it has the incorrect hour will not recognize certificates as valid therefore not being able to open the website or to initiate session in certain applications.

Servers of Games

By many years the games were in off - line, the player could always play against the machine or another player but in the same computer.

With the sprouting of the local networks the games arose multiplayer where it was possible to be united two or more players.

With the popularisation of Internet these servers of games (in many cases private servers VPS or dedicated servers) moved to the network, any person can mount a servant of their favorite game and to publish the access in Internet, which before was limited a room now was opened to the world.

In order to organize these games multiplayer, a servant is needed at least who organizes and interconnects the users, can be from a portable one in the room of an adolescent to a platform in the cloud mounted by the producer of the game at issue.

Print server

Something as basic as to print a document of a page depends on a servant, the majority of the times local in the own PC, the operating systems implement a servant to be able to control the print queue of the users

As much it is of the users in the own computer as which they print remotely through the local network

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