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Web servers

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It is a project open-source of long trajectory that was born in 1996 and for more than two decades it led the market of servers and although nowadays lost something of popularity when being diversified the market continues being the Web server of open code more well-known.

He gained much popularity by the end of the Nineties thanks to the fact that although other alternatives exist open-source Apache he managed to surpass to the rest thanks good operation and yield, at least for the standards of those days.

With running of the years he ended up de facto holding fast as the servant when forming a perfect tandem along with Linux, MySQL and PHP, forming what stack LAMP is denominated.

Thanks to the fact that it is a project cross-platform and he is available for Linux, Windows and BSD became the first alternative of the developers since they could almost the same mount complete surroundings of development in his PC to the one of production yet stack without disbursing money.

The companies of Web Hosting adopted it as the servant of reference by their robustness and for being open source could lower the price of costs of licenses.

The main disadvantage to today is his under yield compared with its competition, reason why there is lost market against more robust solutions and efficient as they can be Nginx and LiteSpeed although due to his reputation still it is very far from falling in disuse.


Created by the Russian Igor Sysoev, Nginx is a servant of free software and opened code, who is licensed under a license BSD; also a commercial version exists that is distributed under the name of Nginx Extra.

He is a servant cross-platform, reason why it runs in GNU/Linux systems, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X) as well as in Microsoft Windows systems.

He is perfect to dispatch to as much dynamic dynamic static archives or content since it is possible to integrate with majority of the modern programming languages to generate dynamic content.

Its main attribute is its speed and high performance, being able to support more than 10,000 simultaneous connections, in addition to a low use of resources joins a simple, flexible and powerful syntax of configuration.

Or proxy can be used as inverse Web server and proxy of mail for protocols IMAP/POP3.

A disadvantage in the world of hosting is that cPanel, the more popular Control Panel does not offer support for Nginx officially, nevertheless its competitor nearer Plesk if it supports it, by defect uses Apache although also it is possible to be formed to work with Nginx, or Nginx along with Apache or only with Nginx.

The majority of the CMS and applications Web comes with rules htaccess including for their operation in Apache and unfortunately Nginx does not support natively to archives htaccess, nevertheless can be defined the same rules although in the syntax of own of Nginx.

The disadvantage is that these rules go placed in the own configuration file of the site and not in a separated file as it happens with htaccess reason why to add rules the service has to recharge the configuration of Nginx reinitiating or recharging the configuration.


We arrive at the first licensed servant of this list, been born in 2003 and commercialized by LiteSpeedTech we found in LiteSpeed is a very quick and efficient commercial servant who competes directly with Nginx in a matter of yield.

Thanks to its complete integration with cPanel hosting is a servant candidate to replace Apache in services of Web that use cPanel as Control Panel in addition completely supports to the syntax of archives htaccess causing that the migration between Apache and LiteSpeed is less painful than with other servers.

This substitution allows to reduce the use of resources drastically, avoiding to have to realise upgrade of hardware for want of resources.

Although the license has a monthly cost, it is a great alternative since she is economic than to realise upgrade of hardware.

Also a gratuitous version called OpenLiteSpeed exists that lacks support and of many of the characteristics of LiteSpeed if it owns, nevertheless it is a great alternative to know the benefits LiteSpeed although OpenLiteSpeed is far from its older brother.

Microsoft IIS

We arrive at another veteran of the list, Internet Information Services or IIS was born in the middle of the ninety to complement to Windows NT 3,51 and since then to comprised of the ecosystem of Microsoft Windows.

In the world Web ISS never he was very popular, his main niche of market always was in the enterprise world and nowadays one has become popular to offer services in the cloud, mainly in Azure the platform of Cloud Hosting de Microsoft.

In the past in spite of Microsoft leading in systems, ISS never took off as massive Web server due to their price and to his limitation it licenses where versions existed for example in which they only allowed 10 simultaneous connections.

Aside from usual services HTTP/HTTPS of a Web server also it offers services of FTP, smtp and NNTP, originally developed to offer dynamic Active Server content later Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET, at the moment also is compatible with modules of PHP and Perl.

Its perfect integration with Visual Studio, its tools and by all means with Windows collaborated so that IIS positions as the servant leader in the enterprise world.


Sent in 2003 she was one of the first alternatives for the slowness of Apache, designed to be fast, to consume very few resources of CPU and RAM, in addition to allowing thousands of simultaneous connections

Lighttpd is free software and it is distributed under license BSD, this available for Linux and Unix officially in addition to a version nonofficial for denominated Windows Lighttpd For Windows

Lighttpd Integra easily with FastCGI, SCGI and cgi which allows to integrate it with almost any modern language, thanks to his under consumption is ideal for servers VPS or Cloud VPS of low resources.

As con has does not support to archives .htaccess, the documentation is little and to not being so popular, the community that there is behind enough is reduced in comparison with its other types of €œrival€ Web servers.


He is one of the types of newer Web servers and than majors new features it includes, Caddie born in 2015 although already it is being known and becoming of a name, as curiosity is written in GO a young language of Google arisen does few years.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and also for Android reason why aside from the platforms i386 and x64 are also available for AMD architecture.

As new features are a servant whom natively SSL, IPv6 supports and HTTP/2 by defect unlike the common thing of the other servers who are to have to separately form this with each domain that registers.

Caddie is not vulnerable to several CVEs which includes Heartbleed, DROWN, POODLE, and BEAST, additionally to prevent attacks to the protocol with coding uses TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV

As con we can say that the yield is not so efficient when handling multiple connections reason why nonserious advisable for sites of high traffic.


Sent in 1999 Tomcat Apache he is a servant developed by Apache Software Foundation and habitually is confused it with servant HTTP Apache thinking that it is an adaptation.

Nevertheless Tomcat is a completely independent development concerning code with an own architecture.

Tomcat is not a conventional servant HTTP/HTTPS but a servant containers Web to support servlets Java and JavaServer Pages (JSP), is not either necessary to confuse them with a Java application server JBoss type.

Tomcat was designed to fulfill the specifications of Sun Microsystems to serve applications in Java.

Very it is used in enterprise surroundings and Integra this list because although its primary purpose is different also it can dispatch static content of any type.


Controversy in if him exists a Web server can be considered or no, the certain thing is that it is not very different from the case of Tomcat.

Node.js or simply Node is surroundings in runtime cross-platform based on Javascript and between his modules we can find Node HTTP modulates or Express that allow to mount a service HTTP/HTTPS

In if Node.Js it supports hundreds of thousands of connections thanks to its unique thread execution and it is based on the motor V8 de Chrome (Google) and works of the side of the servant

If before we spoke of stack LAMP for development in this case we can speak of the Stack PISS (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and NodeJS) that allows with a single language, in this case Javascript of developing so much of the FrontEnd as the Backend of an application


Cherokee is a servant who appeared in 2001, is free software and cross-platform, its primary objective is to be light, at least more than the competition, reason why it is written completely in C.

The interesting thing of this servant is that in addition it can be integrated contracted in another software and in addition supports accessories to increase its capacities.

It supports technologies as: FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, cgi, SSI, SSL/TLS in addition allow its use as load examiner of accounts. At the moment the project is something suspended, its last stable version is of 2013


A servant exists who almost nobody has heard name, basically because cannot be unloaded neither to use by individuals nor companies and even so it is one more of the used Web servers of the Web.

He is one of the types of used Web servers more, although almost never you know that you are using it.

We are speaking of Google Web server, a servant of exclusive use on the part of google and that maintains all their infrastructure, Integra this list because in spite of being used only by Google and that its market share does not reach to 2%

It can not seem many without we are speaking hundreds of thousands of facilities, perhaps near the million, a much more high number that other names of this list and which by mainly support the infrastructure of one of the greater technological companies of the world and which they offer to services to million and million users each.

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